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Website address for the Gothborg StadsMuseum (Town Museum):  Gothborg Museum. This museum has the most complete historical collection of Hasselblad cameras, equipment, lenses, Victor's memorabilia, etc. It is usually not very busy, so browsing is encouraged - however, no photography inside the building is allowed. It is possible to make prior arrangements with the curator for a personal inspection of some of the more rare items, not being displayed. The locals will answer to the name of the city from Gothenborg, to Gothborg, or Goteborg, even forgiving some Yankee thinking it's Gutenberg.

Historical Hasselblad information is available from:  Hasselblad History. For information on the Ross military camera equipment click on the internal link. ROSS is the name of the company prior to WW-II, and before Victor Hasselblad changed the name.

Website of member Drew Bedo:  Quiet Light   -  and his Photostream on flickr:   Drew's Photostream.  If you don't know, Drew is legally blind, yet is able to make some outstanding photographs, using mostly antique large-format equipment. A definite must see!

If you admire good animal photography, if you are impressed by good photos of BIG animals, if you aspire to do an African safari, and especially if you care about the future of Africa's natural wildlife, please visit the site for photographer Nick Brandt:  Big Life Photography.

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