Upcoming events

Saturday Jul 8, 2017

Location:    Professional Camera Repairs
                    4410 Richmond Ave.
                    Houston, Texas
Time:        10:00 AM to 12 noon

Program:  My Most Unique Camera. Bring the "most unique" item you have in your "collection" related to photographica. Be prepared to present a short discussion of its history and what makes it so unique. The item can be a camera, photograph, accessory, etc.

 Show-and-Tell - over a hot cup of coffee. This should be a presentation of your latest acquisition, over and above the unique. It can be new, old or ancient. Include a short review of its history and details of construction, operation, etc.

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July 8
                        - My "Most Unique" item of photographica in my collection
August 12                 - Our Swap Meet, open to all local members; buy-sell-trade...
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 9             - Christmas & Holiday Party! - at Tony's!

===>>> If you have any idea for a 10 - 40 minute program/review/history... for one of these dates, send me email!

Regularly scheduled meetings of the Texas Photographic Collectors Assoc.
are held on the second Saturday of the month. This is reflected in the schedule listed below. Depending on other activities, events, weather, etc., this schedule may change.

Ideas are needed (along with the volunteer to present...) for future programs. Please let me know, at least 2-3 weeks in advance if you want to present a topic. Email or telephone (281/682-2370 = cell phone, the office phone line is on the blink!).

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